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Who we are?


The Zambia Republic Party (ZRP) is a Zambian progressive political party for progressive people, Organisations and Companies with progressive ideas.

REPUBLICANS are people like you who simply want what is best for mother Zambia. Hence our campaigns are supported by ordinary, hard working people from all corners of Zambia,  and from all walks of life. The Zambia Republic Party(ZRP), unlike other political parties in Zambia, shall never die, but live on as long as Zambia lives.  Thatís why we strive to adapt to the latest campaign techniques and continually seek to raise  our game. We will always rule, get out of power and bounce back again.


Everything that we do is aimed at persuading our people to support and join the REPUBLICANS and to hold the government to account.

    Promoting membership and growing our support base.

    Contributing our articles to all the news papers.

    Building support and activism through all available means

    Recruiting ordinary, high profile and  distinguished REPUBLICANS to back the campaign and stand on the ZRP ticket.

    Creating and organising fund raising appeals to help ZRP grow.



Zambia Republic party (ZRP) began as Republic Party formed in  December 2001.

The Zambian Republican Party (ZRP) started as the Republican Party formed by Benjamin Yorum Mwila after his expulsion from the MMD along with four other  Members of Parliament, who objected to concentration of power in the MMD Presidency and the denial of the democracatic rights of MMD members to aspire  for any office of their choice.

The Republican Party became the Zambia Republican Party merging with the Zambia Alliance for Progress.

The ZRP has always emphasized the need to make Zambia productive through promotion of Agriculture and Industry.

ZRP believes that wealth creation can only be realised in Zambia with Political Leaders who are of proven entrepreneurial skills.

The ZRP  has, however, not won any by elections in which it has participated including  the Luanshya Parliamentary Seat previously held by the Party President, B.Y.  Mwila.

In 2001 the ZRP was, however, one of the most active political parties. Its  national convention was held in August in Kabwe. The elections at the convention  were, however, characterised by lack of competition, as most candidates were unopposed including BY Mwila the Party Interim President, who has since been elected unopposed. Unlike most opposition political parties the ZRP has also  been holding public rallies around the country.

They went on to get over 5% of the vote in the Election at that time.

ZRP 1st president Ben Yoram Mwila

Stylish, eloquent and a mogul of  Business in Zambia


To rebuild The Party in preparation for power.